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Apostolic Treasures

All my life I have been around preachers and Church people  . Almost everything I do is the result in one way or another of the experience of being raised by arenweight Pentecostal preacher.  My grandfather on my mother’s side preached the Gospel for more than fifty years. My father preached the Gospel for more than fifty years, and I have been preaching for almost fifty years. I wrote all that just let to let  anybody who may be reading this know how I feel about being raised in Church.  “HALLELUJAH…THANK YOU JESUS…GLORY!”  In my opinion there is no better life on the face of the earth, and if I had could go back and make a choice on the direction I should take, I would want to start out in Church with strict parents who Love God. I praise God for the wonderful happiness that I enjoy as a result of being placed on a good path by parents  who would not let me have my way until I had sense enough to choose the blessed way.  This page has many exciting moments that I have enjoyed through the years, and I praise the Lord for this opportunity to share my life with those who may be thinking of giving God a chance in your situation.