Ren Rutledge And Friends


For several years I have been very busy and heavily involved with internet ministries. Millions of people all over the world have been exposed to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We have worked very hard to provide encouraging words and inspiration with live and recorded streams of audio and video as well as news letters and many blogs to help them to find hope in our troubled world. We have been blessed over and over as reports of salvation, healing and miracle reports have flooded our various email accounts and social network messages. God has truly blessed this internet outreach, and we are very grateful.

During this time when the world seems to be falling apart I feel an urgent need to cry out to the inhabits of the earth… “THERE IS STILL HOPE IN GOD, AND HELP IS ON THE WAY.”

I am looking for partners and friends to join me in massive action effort reach out to billions of souls all over this world. Our major tools will include our cell phones and our social networking. (Facebook Twitter etc…)

If you are interested in being part a victorious Holy Ghost Revolution call or text Ren Rutledge…(860)949-8912 and just say that you would like more information about the World Net Church Plans.


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